Charlotte Elizabeth

United Kingdom, b. 1982


Charlotte Elizabeth is a British-born artist who has been working with paint professionally for over fifteen years. A prestigious training in theatre design preceded a busy career as a Theatrical Scenic Artist in London’s West End. Working with some of the best scenic artists in the world Charlotte created huge-scale backcloths and murals for many famous venues. The Royal Opera House, The ENO and even the Olympic Opening Ceremony make up her CV. Examples of Charlotte's work can be seen on stage and on screen all over the world.


Charlotte's debut series of paintings, 'Singapore Skies', large-scale ethereal abstract cloudscapes, were met with much acclaim. A move to Asia had inspired the series and change in direction, and Charlotte had been empowered to exhibit her own personal works. In this series, each piece was inspired by the incredible sky-high architecture of Asia and the dramatic tempestuous climate. The resulting paintings are both dramatic and tranquil, with many viewers remarking upon the meditative and mindful qualities that these pieces evoke. 


The latest series from Charlotte Elizabeth are her moonscapes, which debuted for the very first time at REDSEA Gallery in the latter half of 2021. The collection showcases her innate ability to translate her intense energy and passion onto her canvas. Utilizing various techniques, Charlotte has created a captivating aura of mystery around the moon.