Bang Sy Truc

Vietnam, b.1967


Truc was born in Hanoi in Vietnam and graduated from Hanoi Fine Art University in 1989.  Following graduation, he became a member of the Hanoi young artist club and later went on to become a Lecturer of History of Fine Art in Hanoi Fine Art University.


The works of Truc are introspective and atmospheric, with a minimalist approach; he captures the spiritual essence of nature. The purity of composition and meditative color scheme in Truc's paintings recall the Zen-Buddhist philosophy that empty space is as important as an object. In keeping with this philosophy, the open space and monochromatic nature of the paintings leave the viewer in meditation.   Truc usually lay in the search of a path toward a free artistic expression, transcendence beyond “the chaos of psychological conflicts in modern life”. For Bang Sy Truc, art comes from the soul, with an intimate relationship with our everyday life. Each image is imbued with sublimate thoughts leading to a deep aesthetic sensitiveness. Each artwork is a journey from life to art and back to life with new values and personal achievements.


His art conveys the romantic simplicity and timelessness of Vietnam’s countryside landscapes. Part of its charm lies in how details of each scene gradually come into focus - streets, houses, lakes, and trees typical of Vietnam.  And the nudes usually capture an innocent moment of daydream by the subject.

Color, many layers of the same shade, is his tool of description. From within the monochromatic canvases of red, blue and green, subtle silhouettes emerge against the openness and space of the landscape. Like a dream lingering in the eye of the waking mind, his scenes recall a past memory.


Truc has exhibited internationally and won many awards. He currently lives and works in Vietnam.