REDSEA Gallery is proud to present “MOMENTS”, an exhibition of 30 bronze sculptures by the highly successful, world-renowned French artist, Valérie Goutard (Val).


Opening on 31st March 2012 and with a two week run, this exhibition presents the first opportunity for Singapore-based collectors and art-lovers to view and buy Val’s new works before they are taken onto the world stage.  


“Moments” is a collection of individual, yet innately linked, powerful sculptures that confidently demonstrates Val’s ability to cast instinctive and masterful contemporary bronzes.   Val’s undeniable talent lies in creating stunning, evocative pieces that speak of life and trigger emotion and feeling in all who view them; capturing a memory, a vibration, a moment in time.


Widely expected to repeat the success of her sell-out solo show with REDSEA Gallery in September 2010, this latest collection showcases Val’s poetic signature style of combining characters with architecture to convey the relationship between us, as individuals, and the world around us.  Using differing scale and proportions, strong lines and finger tipped impressions; Val uses contrast throughout her work to bring life to the characters and a sense of reason through the framework.  Her pieces are stories of life that resonate with all who view them                


What sets this exhibition apart from Val’s previous shows are the immense scale and complexity of the individual pieces.  Standing at over 180cm tall The Head in the Sky and The Parade II are arresting to the eye, huge in scale yet with a fragility and lightness that belies the weight of the Welsh bronze used and the skilled labour and processes of production.  Ville Fantastique and Le Toit du Monde are architectural masterpieces made up of individual sculptures that assemble perfectly together forming a whole landscape and story of reason.  Whilst pieces such as Blues and Cabaret draw individual figures out of these stories, identifying the very esprit of who they are and capturing that exact, turnpoint moment.



“I instinctively create pieces from a feeling, or a memory, of a moment in time and use my hands to give life to characters that convey this feeling.  Sometimes this needs a frame to add a new dimension, to give it sense and perspective.  It is poetic, a tilt of the head or a twist of the hand gives unique character whilst the space and the proportion bring rhythm and balance helping to create a story of reason. Each piece is an adventure that arises instinctively from the vibrations around me,”  says Val about her work.