Announcing François Bel's Solo Exhibition, here at REDSEA Gallery!

My creations focus on space and time. Each object is frozen in a movement.  I am inspired by the laws of physics and The Big Bang theory. I call my creations little “Big Bangs” - they are like mini-universes containing a wealth of information. – François Bel


REDSEA Gallery is proud to announce ‘Exposed’, a captivating solo exhibition featuring the work of renowned, resin artist François Bel. With an evocative theme centered around nostalgia and memorabilia, the French artist invites us on a mesmerizing journey through time and memory. After 3 years of representation, REDSEA Gallery is excited to be showcasing his latest collection.


Bel is known for creating flawless illusions of suspension using crystal clear resin in which he seemingly freezes deconstructed found objects and antiques. He ingeniously and aptly works with the medium and gives exciting new form to memorabilia such as vintage watches, alarm clocks and film cameras. He carefully dismantles them into individual fragments, ultimately transforming fleeting memories into enduring works of art. Each unique piece evokes a sense of familiarity yet wonder , the artist encourages the audience to reflect on the changing nature of time and how objects can become bearers of memory.


Please reach out for an opening reception invite.


We look forward to your visit to the show.