Craig Penny, b. 1961



Craig was born in Mildura and studied artat Ballarat University.  In 1970, his family moved to the Western District of Victoria and his love for art got him enrolled in the art course at Hamilton Technical School. Painting and graphic design attracted most of his attention during his education. 


Craig pursued a successful career as an illustrator in the Advertising Industry and became a member of the Illustrators Association of Australia. Since then, Craig’s career has progressed into a range of mediums and has had a successful career in teaching both traditional drawing and illustration at Victoria University and digital drawing and illustration at Swinburne University. Throughout this time, he never lost his love of using traditional methods and subsequently specialized in watercolors, acrylic painting and illustrations. This has lead to an extremely successful solo career for Craig.


Craig currently lives and works in Australia and his works can be found in private collections throughout Australia, UK, USA and Singapore.