Joe Webster | ENUF, b. 1978

United Kingdom 


Joe Webster | ENUF is a British ‘plein-air’ artist who paints on location using acrylic and graffiti based media that interact with the atmosphere. His stunning landscapes capture the sense of each location and unique experience.


Joe studied at Falmouth College of Art, Nottingham Trent University in the UK and Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, he has since mastered his craft with over 20 years of working ‘en plein-air’. Joe grew up in the wild and unforgiving countryside of Cornwall’s Atlantic coastline, the soaring cliffs and beaches with crashing waves served as inspiration to Joe from an early age. Today he is still drawn to paint and capture similar remote wilderness of his home however he often travels internationally and has spent time at artist residencies abroad, notably Western Australia.


Joe's unique interpretations of the landscape urge the viewer to embrace nature and feel invigorated by the elements. The paint he uses is water based which allows any rain, mist and sometimes even snow to play a part in his work, he then uses brushes, pencil, graffiti tools and pens to add details.


“Painting outdoors in wild weather is to embrace risk and surrender to nature. Many paintings are lost to the elements but those that survive the challenge are imbued with elemental qualities which are breathtakingly rewarding.”- Joe Webster | ENUF