Nick Veasey, b. 1962

United Kingdom


Nick Veasey is an established British Contemporary artist based in the UK, whose photography artworks with radiography imaging equipment takes the x-ray to another level.


Veasey, who has worked in the advertising and design industries for the better part of a decade, first used x-ray as a photographic medium while working with conventional photography. Veasey also used the chance to x-ray the shoes he was wearing that day, and was encouraged by the favorable feedback when he showed the final image to an art director. He quickly chose to delve deeper into x-ray photography. Since then, Veasey has mostly worked with pictures generated by x-ray imaging. These ethereal and interesting works have been featured in international advertising campaigns and on product packaging, as well as winning a number of photography and design accolades.


Awarded 'Photographer of the year' by I.P.A. in 2008, his X-Rays can be admired in many international collections, in both private and public museums and galleries around the world.