Tony Wilson, b. 1980

South Australia 


Heavily influenced by his cultural heritage, Tony Wilson traces his lineage from the Kaurna, Ngarrindjeri and Narungga Nations in South Australia through his mother and Italian heritage from Umbria and Puglia in Italy through his father. His creative process explores the artistic practices he inherits from both cultures. 


Tony creates intricate and expressive artworks exploring the themes of nature, identity and connectivity. He uses the precise and ancient Aboriginal technique of dot painting; his expansive works are made up of hundreds of small dots. Through the physical rhythm of repeatedly applying paint on the surface, Tony generates abstract patterns and visual ripples that seem to move over the canvas in gentle bursts of energy that emerge from a central point. The finished pieces are a result of hundreds of hours of work. 


‘I bring the focus to “the space between our thoughts”. I hope to create visual expressions which aim to slow us down. To reflect on our relationships and the impact our interactions have on each other and our environment.’ – Tony Wilson 


Tony’s work has been exhibited numerous times in Australia in both group and solo exhibitions. He has won multiple awards including the ‘Don Dunstan Emerging Artist Prize’ in 2018. Tony currently resides and works in both Vietnam and Australia.