Warsito, b.1966



Warsito is an Indonesian painter who was born in Pati. He studied at the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta and is now considered to be one of the hugely talented Indonesian artists who are finally able to express themselves in a more powerful and vivid way.


Warsito’s artworks have been displayed in many exhibitions in cities like Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya and in Bali. He received several awards such as the award for the Best Sketch at the Indonesian Arts Institute and the award for the Best Painting with Islamic themes, also from the Indonesian Arts Institute. As an artist, Warsito is clearly defined by his novel and interesting subject matter. He started painting large-scale works at a young age and learnt to express his unique creativity with an effortless ease.


Warsito, in the last few years has become increasingly renowned for his highly imaginative work and bizarre subject matter. His smooth clean brushstrokes and sharp outlines produce an enamel-almost flawless finish.


His passion for the surreal and desire to engage the viewer has resulted in him becoming one of Indonesia’s most unique and fascinating artists.


His work clearly depicts an exciting array of energy and vitality, not only in its content but also in the bright, eye-catching colors he uses. The overall effect is an intense explosion – creating a dream like fantasy.


Warsito currently lives and works in Indonesia.