William Cook

Australia, b.1972


William Cook’s canvas takes on the form of glass vessels; a medium he crafts in a molten state by hand at a furnace. Based on a reflection of nature and its environment, a series of glass colours are mixed with a visual in mind. With limited control over how the patterns would result due to the developing technique, Cook does his part to ensure the harmony, form and flow are ideal while shaping and polishing the blown glass.


The patterns that are generated in his surfaces incorporate dried watercourses on coastal coral reef structures and Pindan plains, a red-soil country of the south-western Kimberley region of Western Australia. Cook tries to encapsulate the infinite vast panoramas of the Pilbara, both coastal and inland, within the three dimensional forms of his works. Embracing how no two people are alike, Cook appreciates the unique effects and interpretations his works will have on people.