A Russian Romance

Anna Berezovskaya

May 21 – April 16, 2011

Anna Berezovskaya_Daughters of Robin Hood
Anna Berezovskaya_Moon River
Anna Berezovskaya_Feast of Kings
Anna Berezovskaya_On Lantern Festival
Anna Berezovskaya_Evening in the Village
Anna Berezovskaya_Evening Melody
Anna Berezovskaya_High Water
Anna Berezovskaya_Keys to Fidelity
Anna Berezovskaya_Hunters in the Snow
Anna Berezovskaya_Snowballs and Spring
Anna Berezovskaya_Stubborn People
Anna Berezovskaya_Sleeping Volcanoes
Anna Berezovskaya_Iron Lady
Anna Berezovskaya_Narcissists
Anna Berezovskaya_Five O'Clock
Anna Berezovskaya_Golden Fish
Anna Berezovskaya_After the Ball
Anna Berezovskaya_Duel
Anna Berezovskaya_Atelier

Press Release

REDSEA Gallery unveils a new collection of over 25 of Anna’s unique paintings, including the unmissable 300 x 120cm painting, “Snowballs and Spring”, a stunning example of Anna’s romantic-spiritual style and richly, decorative, abstract layering technique, and “Duel”, an incredible piece that illustrates the power of Anna’s masterful use of combining fairy tale like imagery with beautiful, almost photographic, elements to create a vivid story, in this case of two knights dueling for a lady’s honour.  


Anna is an extraordinary contemporary Russian artist, a young sensation whose fame is spreading globally at an incredible speed.   Despite her young age (just 24), she has achieved national and international recognition and is being hailed by critics as one of Russia’s most promising up and coming stars – a true prodigy.   Her artworks are highly sought after and grace private collections of serious art collectors and investors globally, whilst her exhibitions are sell-out successes.



Anna’s artworks are truly powerful stories that stir both emotions and intrigue.   Using her exceptional talent and professional skills, Anna creates contemporary paintings of complex, multi-figured compositions with symbolic, yet almost fairy-tale like, content.   Her work most often displays a fascinating mix of her own dreams and reality – she depicts the world and people around her in a surreal, dream-like way, often representing herself and others as majestic characters within a story.  


“I like to invent narrative paintings where you can find performance. I try to make my works metaphoric, to convey feelings and recollections using heroes dressed in armour and ladies from another Century.   I dare to hope that my works are about my contemporaries and me,” says Anna.