An Enchanted Story

Anna Berezovskaya

May 18 – June 15, 2013

Anna Berezovskaya_A Journey on a Dragon
Anna Berezovskaya_Finding Truffles
Anna Berezovskaya_Golden Fish
Anna Berezovskaya_Hide and Seek
Anna Berezovskaya_In the Garden
Anna Berezovskaya_Islands of Love
Anna Berezovskaya_Knight in Love
Anna Berezovskaya_Knight's Return
Anna Berezovskaya_Rainy Day
Anna Berezovskaya_Seafarers
Anna Berezovskaya_Sleeping People
Anna Berezovskaya_Sunday Afternoon
Anna Berezovskaya_Singapore Morning
Anna Berezovskaya_Moon Sonata

Press Release

Following the sell-out success of their first collaboration back in 2011, REDSEA Gallery is once again hosting a solo exhibition for young, Russian art sensation, Anna Berezovskaya, this May 2013.   “An Enchanted Story: Volshebnaya Skazka” opens on Saturday 18th May 2013, with a three-week run, unveiling 24 of Anna’s most recent and stunning oil paintings that draw on her exceptional ability to story-tell in a unique and highly compelling artistic way.


With the value of Anna’s paintings having risen 60%- 70% since her last solo exhibition with REDSEA Gallery, and at just 26 years old, Anna is now very firmly established as one of the most exciting and inspiring contemporary young artists to come out of Russia in recent times.


This exhibition will showcase a new range of work including ‘Wade’ at 200cm x 80cm and ‘Seafarers’ (100cm x 140cm), a captivating tale in which Anna depicts a battalion clashing in a battle for the heart of the young lady at the centre of the piece.  It is a painting about something eternal, a battle for attention and love.   Anna’s majestic talent lies in her ability to capture her dreams together with layers of fantasy and enchantment to create rich visual feasts that are both powerfully mature and whimsically childish in equal measures.  In these latest stunning paintings, Anna continues to play with her version of reality in powerful and poetic ways whilst the quality and integrity of her work ensures once again that this whole collection will stand the test of time as highly collectable and valuable works of art.