Zhuang Hong Yi

29 September - 26 October 2023

Press Release


A captivating immersion into the vibrant world of Chinese contemporary artist Zhuang Hong Yi.


The highly celebrated Chinese contemporary artist Zhuang Hong Yi has finally announced his long-awaited exhibition ‘Iridescence’, to be unveiled right here at REDSEA Gallery Singapore. Over 30 years, Zhuang has cemented himself as an artist to watch through his innovative and iconic works. For those uninitiated with his works, Zhuang creates breathtaking paintings made from materials often found in Chinese traditional art, of which he creates vibrant, chameleon-like artworks that transform as you interact with his pieces. This latest collection embarks on a more daring excursion from his usual style, an incredible sensory experience that will transport viewers into a mesmerizing world of colours and textures.


‘Iridescence’ was inspired by Zhuang Hong Yi's recent affinities with scenes of nature in his current residence. From the mountains, the animals, and the palm trees, to the ever-changing horizons, combined with his unique artistic vision and meticulous craftsmanship brought life to this latest collection. Where traditional Chinese themes and contemporary elements seamlessly coalesce, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey through a perfect blend of inspired visuals, intricate techniques and unconventional mediums.


‘Iridescence’ beckons viewers to explore a world where reality and imagination intertwine, embracing fleeting moments of beauty, and inviting introspection. Each artwork within the exhibition has been thoughtfully curated, in anticipation of bringing viewers on a visual journey across breathtaking landscapes, evoking an array of emotions.


“I hope that the viewers of my exhibitions experience my work as a journey of happiness, colour, and inspiration. I hope that the viewers get the opportunity to disconnect with the hassles of daily life and to immerse themselves in the feelings of joy that I aspire to share with them through my art; the joy that I get to experience when observing the beauty in the small things in life and in the process of creating my flower works. We might not all speak the same language, but we can all read flowers....” – Zhuang Hong Yi


Please email or call +65 6732 6711 for more information.