Night Visions

Jieun Park

September 6 – October 1, 2017

Press Release

Park's distinctive style blends large brushstrokes and splatters of ink with detailed depictions of urban landscapes at night.  While capturing the excitement and magic of various cities – among these, for example, are Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York – the works also reveal a more subdued, contemplative narrative.  Through her paintings, Park hints at a paradox of urban life – being surrounded by thousands of people, yet feeling utterly alone.  The artist states:


“The city is changing very fast while we are living our busy lives. The dull feeling of the buildings in my works portrays the people in hectic daily life where only meaningless everyday conversation exists.”


Park's latest collection is a continuation of her previous exhibitions at REDSEA Gallery, but it is also a new emergence for the artist.  As her painting style evolves, focusing more intensely on the Chinese ink brushstrokes and incorporating new materials such as gold leaf, Park has also taken on a new challenge – sculpture.  The exhibition will feature four wall-mounted sculptures constructed of birch plywood and Park's signature black ink. Leaving the cityscapes behind, the new works concentrate entirely on the expression of the brushstroke in three dimensions.  Of her decision to create sculpture, Park says:


"It's so exciting and I am enjoying the process of researching new materials. The most important feature of my work is the brushstroke and I would like to express this in a different way. I was worried about how people would react, but my own satisfaction with my work is most important and I just had to do it."