Singapore Heritage Series

Nathalie van Oort

November 26 – December 10, 2017

Press Release

Nathalie van Oort’s work is an exploration of urban portraiture, focusing on the transformation of the built environments in which we live.  To grow and meet the needs of its citizens, many cities face the challenge of striking a balance between redevelopment and conserving its history.  Van Oort is fascinated by this occurrence and the resulting contrasts.  Her latest ‘Singapore Heritage Series’ captures traditional and modern icons of architecture in Singapore, such as the distinctive shophouses and the Kampong Glam neighbourhood, Marina Bay Sands and the Central Business District.  The works are a celebration of past and present, depicting the unique juxtaposition of old and new that lends vibrancy to the city while at the same time preserves its soul.  


Van Oort is continually in search of interesting perspectives and strong compositions.  Taking influence from both European and Asian styles, she uses strong brush strokes to create a sense of rhythm and at times infuses a form of abstract expressionism.  The objective is to transfer positive energy into the paintings – the inner purpose of her practice.


Van Oort sees a positive mindset as the best tool to overcome challenges and obstacles in life.  Her art is an expression of this philosophy and it has served as the inspiration and motivation to get through difficult periods.  Having survived a life-threatening illness twice in two consecutive years (2015 and 2016), her art played an important role in her recovery.  For van Oort, art is a never ending boost that adds flavour to our world.