Famous Last Words

Christian Palmer

October 5 – 25, 2013

Christian Palmer_Instant Karma is Gonna Get You
Christian Palmer_We Don't Need No Education
Christian Palmer_I Lost My Mind Long Ago
Christian Palmer_A Half a Million Thoughts are Flowing Through my Mind
Christian Palmer_Don't Lean on me Man
Christian Palmer_How we gonna Find the Eyes to See a Brighter Day
Christian Palmer_I Can't Go Back the Way I Came
Christian Palmer_I Want to Ride My Bicycle
Christian Palmer_I've Touched this Space Before
Christian Palmer_If Nobody is Right then Everybody is Wrong
Christian Palmer_Strange Days have Found Us
Christian Palmer_Sweet Life must be Somewhere to be Found
Christian Palmer_The Answer my Friend is Blowing in the Wind
Christian Palmer_There are no Rules that can be Followed
Christian Palmer_There must be some Kind of Out of Way Here
Christian Palmer_Where is the Love to be Found
Christian Palmer_There are many here among Us
Christian Palmer_All we have left is Memories of Yesterday
Christian Palmer_The Revolution will not be Televised
Christian Palmer_It Could all be so Simple
Christian Palmer_This Must be the Place
Christian Palmer_Time is on my Side
Christian Palmer_We are all Just Visitors
Christian Palmer_Will it Ever be the Same Again
Christian Palmer_Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future
Christian Palmer_I Got a Whole Lot of Love
Christian Palmer_They Keep you Doped with Religion and Sex and T.V

Press Release

“Like I wouldn’t write anything that’s on a hallmark card, so I wouldn’t choose an animal that is soft and fluffy either.  I like to choose animals that have an edge about them, animals that are representative of an outsider” Christian Palmer.


Famous last words indeed.  In that way that famous last words are very character defining so these words sum up urban, contemporary artist, Christian Palmer and his forthcoming exhibition with REDSEA Gallery.  


Christian is renowned for his pictures of edgy, misfit animals that he breathes life and character into with wry, lyrical phrases that encapsulate the poignancy of their situation and that of the wider human condition.  Purposely choosing to paint animals that we more frequently see languishing with a sense of ‘fait accompli’ about their being, Christian has the unique ability to give them appeal and create resonance with his viewers through the clever use of synchronistic and often humourous words delivered in child-like graffiti on the canvas.


Christian is an Australian-based, British born artist whose work is a result of the collision between the confines of an establishment fine-art background (Central St Martins College of Arts, London) and the alluring pull of the street-art movement with its unrestricted communication and interaction through public spaces.  Having already received widespread international acclaim with solo shows in the UK, Europe & Australia where his works have hung alongside the likes of Banksy, Blu and Paul Insect, Christian and REDSEA Gallery are delighted to now announce the launch of his first-ever solo show in Singapore this coming October 5th – 26th.  


“Famous Last Words” will be a collection of over 30 of Christian’s works encompassing both his well-known spray painted and stencilled pitbulls and painted dogs, cows and pigs; as well as a completely new range of animals including camels, bulls, donkeys, orangutans, meerkats and elephants; all chosen for their unusual perspective on the human condition and the confusion we create in our lives.  Coupled with Christian’s trademark graffiti-style lyrics and phrases, he says the animals “are not making judgements, only observations”.  


The collection will include both stencils on wood with stainless steel frames and canvas based works; with individual pieces ranging from small preliminary works through to major pieces of 120cm x 220cm.  Also in a world-first, Christian will show his first-ever stencilled work “How Can I Be A Better Human” spray-painted on to his old studio door back in his early days experimenting with street-art.